News, Patch Notes

Launch of Season 1 in Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions!

To Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions players,


We would like share some good news!


We're still aware of several issues happening on the game and are investigating them.


In the meantime, please find the latest resolution made by the dev team!

  • Animation becomes double-speed - [SOLVED]
  • Low FPS issue - [SOLVED]
  • The difficultly of the Otomo match and Hanawa match has been decreased to make it easier to win and see the story.
  • By pressing a certain button (Y for the NSW) on an already unlocked DAD in COLLECTION will display the unlock condition again to make it easier for it to be played again during Episode Tsubasa.

Please check below what the new patch live (1.02 on Nintendo Switch and 1.07 on Steam) today is adding to the game:

  • Implementation of a ‘News’ Section
  • CC Shop: At this new shop, you can trade in CC for items such useful for training, Custom Parts for your avatar, and more, so check it out!
  • Login Bonus added: You can earn CC (Captain Coins) once per day when you log into the game,so don't forget to do so! You can exchange CC at the CC Shop for items such as Training Items or Custom Parts for your avatar.
  • Online challenge (daily/weekly): achieve daily and weekly challenges by meeting challenge conditions, gain even more currency, and unlock more items!


Release Date:

A new Captain Tsubasa game is here, 10 years after the release of the previous console game!Captain Tsubasa is a manga masterpiece, globally beloved even now in 2020. The new console game will be released as an arcade football game.