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Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Producer video and and Update 1.31

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

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The following updates have been implemented:


Displaying Move/Skill Prerequisites
Prerequisites for moves/skills in EPISODE: NEW HERO will now be displayed.

Custom BGM Functionality
BGM played during Versus and Online Versus can now be changed.
Look for custom BGM tracks in shops.

New Items Added to the CC Shop
"Online-based Player Slot" and "Online-based Team Slot" have been added to the CC Shop.
Please take advantage of this opportunity.

Changes to Matchmaking Settings
Added "Matchmaking with CPU On/Off" to Online Versus.
Also, "Matchmaking Range" was removed from the Matchmaking Settings.

Added Forfeit Functionality
It is now possible to forfeit Online Versus matches.

Changes to Division Match Costs
We have done away with costs based on rating and made the cost 1,600 for all ratings.
Along with this, you can now match with any rating in matchmaking player search from the start.

Adjustments to Normal Shots
We have made adjustments so that shots made without moves do not exceed a certain level of power.

Adjustments to Stacking Skill Effects
The following skills have been adjusted so that their effects do not stack when activated by multiple characters.

[Affected skills]
Sunshine Boy/Crushing Blocker/Pressure Monster/For Glory

Added Skip Functionality for Certain Parts of the Prologue
You can now keep the Game Guide from reappearing and skip the tutorial during the prologue.

Adjustments to Moves/Skills
Adjusted the descriptions and effects of some Moves/Skills.

[Affected Moves/Skills]
Pressure Monster/Miracle Assist/Charging Passer/Last Pass/Passing Expert/Pass Master

Corrections to Ball Behavior (PS4 and Nintendo Switch)

  • PS4: Eased the effects of unnaturally large ball movement when passing during matches.
  • Switch: Eased the effects of unnaturally large ball movement when passing during matches.

Fixes to Matchmaking (Steam)
Fixed issue where users were not matched correctly when including
a custom player set with Skylab Triangle w/ Tachibanas in their team.

Stability improvements have been made.

We hope you continue to enjoy Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions.


Release Date:

A new Captain Tsubasa game is here, 10 years after the release of the previous console game!Captain Tsubasa is a manga masterpiece, globally beloved even now in 2020. The new console game will be released as an arcade football game.