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Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions - Patch Notes 1.10

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions has been updated to vers 1.10.


The following updates were implemented during today's maintenance.


Implementation of Otomo Middle School Route

Otomo Middle School route has been implemented in Episode of New Hero.


We are celebrating the implementation of the Otomo Middle School route in Episode of New Hero by hosting an "Otomo MS Inaugural Login Bonus" event.


You can earn rewards once per day when you log into the game, so don't forget to do so!

Event Period: 2020/12/2 - 2020/12/16 00:59 (CET)


*Login Bonuses switch over every day at 01:00 (CET).
*Claim up to 10 login bonuses during the event period.
*Login bonus details may change without prior notice. Thank you for understanding.


Additional New DLC Characters (Paid DLC)

Stefan Levin, Singprasert Bunnaak, Ricardo Espadas will be added tomorrow as new playable characters.


Implementation of Assist Mode

Assist Mode has been implemented for EPISODE: TSUBASA.

Assist Mode makes team members stronger, giving you a greater than usual advantage in matches.

Assist Mode is available in Match Settings.


Captain Coins can now be purchased through the [CC SHOP] in [ULTIMATE EDIT]


Balancing of Shot Power Enhancing Skills

Certain skill combinations were enhancing shot power more than expected, so we have adjusted the effects of certain skills and captain skills.


[Affected Skills and Captain Skills]

Power Shooter, Number One Jumper, Powerful Jumper, The Power of Bonds, The Miracle of Team Spirit, Swift Strike Mastery, No-Trap Shooter, Last Pass, Crosser, Cross Machine, Scoring Sense, Striker's Duty, 3rd Time's the Charm, Midfield Shooter, Longshot Shooter, Sideline Master, Fierce Tiger's Soul, Offensive Duty, Striker's Duty, One Shot, Certain Victory, Young Ace, Unshaking Conviction, Definite Improvement, Absolute Dominance, Hyper Co-op Play, Han Xin's Last Stand


Certain Shots, Super Shots, and Combo Shot 2 Shot Moves have been adjusted.


[Affected Shot Moves]

Skylab Hurricane, Skylab Hurricane w/ Masao, Skylab Hurricane w/ Kazuo, Skylab Twin Shot, Skylab Twin Shot w/ Masao + Kazuo, Toho Twin Shot, Toho Twin Shot w/ Hyuga, Toho Twin Shot w/ Sawada, Miracle Drive Shot, Arc Bridge Shot, Analyze Shot, Double-Bladed Razor Shot


Balancing of Skylab Block

The effective range of Skylab Block was wider than expected, so we adjusted it.


We hope you continue to enjoy Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions.


Release Date:

A new Captain Tsubasa game is here, 10 years after the release of the previous console game!Captain Tsubasa is a manga masterpiece, globally beloved even now in 2020. The new console game will be released as an arcade football game.