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Captain Tsubasa : Rise Of New Champions - New Ingame Events will be added!

Watch the video above to discover what awaits you in Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions in the coming days and weeks!


Toho Academy Training Support

During the campaign, users can get more ability points than usual when they select Toho in “EPISODE: NEW HERO”, making it easier to develop their characters. This campaign will be useful for the new events starting next week. (Find more details below)

  • Period:1/20 (Wed)~1/26 (Tue)


Toho Academy Event Match

That’s right, RoNC will be introducing its first online event! The star of this event will be one of the most popular middle schools in the game, Toho Academy!

During the event, users must adapt their teams to include more than 8 characters from Toho, or characters that trained at Toho, as part of EPISODE: NEW HERO.

Depending on their success, users will receive event points which can be traded for different rewards.

  • Period:1/27 (Wed) – 2/2 (Tue )

There are exclusive and rare items which are only available during this event!

  • Limited rewards:
    • Toho uniform for use in Edit Character: this can be worn in Dream Team mode
    • Exclusive emblem of Kojiro Hyuga: the emblem shows the brave figure of Hyuga.
    • Exclusive Friend card of Kojiro Hyuga: the special event card will be added in this event and enables the use of a new skill.


Want to see more? Check out the screenshot gallery about these new events HERE.

To keep an eye on upcoming CTRONC events and content, check out the up-to-date event timeline HERE.


More events will be held for other schools in the future! Stay tuned!


Reminder: Our Free Demo is available now!


Users can play “TUTORIAL” and offline “VERSUS” MODE for free!

You can learn basic moves and also practise in a basic match mode in TUTORIAL mode.


You can play a SINGLE MATCH with a choice of 4 teams (Nankatsu/Toho/Furano/Musashi) in offline VERSUS mode! You can also play offline match battles with up to 4 friends! * Controller required for each person.


If you've never played it before, this is your chance to give it a try! Below is a short roster of the main players of Toho Academy, which is one of the four playable teams in the demo version!


Kojiro Hyuga: The captain of Toho Academy. Nicknamed “Wild Tiger”, he is known as one of the strongest strikers of his generation.

Kazuki Sorimachi: He is Toho’s Forward (FW), and is responsible for attacking alongside Hyuga.

Ken Wakashimazu: Toho Academy’s Goalkeeper (GK), who is also a Karate expert. He prevents goals by applying his karate techniques.

Takeshi Sawada: The first year student who admires Hyuga. He is a young Midfielder (MF) and playmaker with excellent technique.


Toho Academy training project

Here are some training tips for each position!

The Toho Academy Training Support event will begin soon! During this period, the growth rate of your players will increase significantly. You can find more details in the patch notes HERE! You can also earn bonus ability points by training your character at Toho Academy.

You can find the “C ampaign Bonus” beneath the player’s status! A 20% increase in growth will make a huge difference to your game!


FW: Increase your scoring output by working together with Hyuga!


Make sure to take advantage of Hyuga, who is one of the game’s strongest forwards. You can choose between placing a second striker alongside Hyuga to increase your team’s shooting ability, or training a dribbler who can set up Hyuga’s shot by linking up with him from midfield.


Recommended Moves:

Low Falcon Dribble: This skill can be learned from Nitta. It is great for breaking through a defense quickly.


High Fire Shot: This is Schneider’s skill move. It is a very powerful shot which is loved by all strikers.


Become a playmaker with Takeshi!

Takeshi’s skill boosts any character that receives a pass. You can profit from this by playing as a MF alongside him. Develop into a high-scoring midfielder with great dribbling and long-shot abilities!



Aurora Feint: This skill is taught by the DLC character Levin. It’s a dribbling move that demonstrates excellent technique.

Wild Eagle Shot: Matsuyama’s skill move. It’s a powerful long-distance strike that is recommended for MFs.



Support your front line by firming up your defence.


In the event match, your opponent will also use Toho Academy. On offence, they will place Hyuga in a central role. Your DF should therefore focus on neutralising the opponents’ attack by increasing Power and Defence.


Power Defence: This move is favoured by Jito. It is a strong tackle and is relatively easy to learn.



Toughness Block: This can be learned from the DLC character Bunnaak. It has a high blocking rate.



Release Date:

A new Captain Tsubasa game is here, 10 years after the release of the previous console game!Captain Tsubasa is a manga masterpiece, globally beloved even now in 2020. The new console game will be released as an arcade football game.