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Captain Tsubasa : Rise Of New Champions - DLC 2 will be out this spring!

Let’s meet the new upcoming characters for Captain Tsubasa : Rise Of New Champions! You can also find details of their skills!

Two Japanese players and a Saudi prince will soon be joining the game!

The new characters will be Aoi and Hino, whose talents are equal to that of the Japanese National Team, and Owairan, a man of royal blood.


All of them appeared in the World Youth story arc. Let’s add them to your dream team and make your  team stronger!!


Shingo Aoi: A second-year junior high school student who adores Tsubasa. He is always cheerful and never gives up.



Ryoma Hino: A Japanese-Uruguayan player who wasn’t selected as a representative, but came to America to be inspired by the players from his generation.



Mark Owairan: Captain of the national Junior Youth team of Saudi Arabia. He is called a “prince” as royal blood flows in his veins.




Let’s take a deeper look at the new players!

They are unique players who have different skills, so let’s check them out! 


Shingo Aoi: Runs through the midfield at a furious speed!

A MF who specialises in speed. He has a skill that allows him to accelerate every time he passes by an opponent, and when he gains momentum, his mobility is unstoppable!

Overhead Lift: This skill lifts the ball past opponents and is followed by a powerful jump.  



Rovesciata: This is an overhead kick with one of the highest power and speed ratings amongst all aerial shots.



Ryoma Hino: The player with super strong power, equal to that of Hyuga!

His skill move makes use of his power and skill, and activates in the early stage of the game. Once activated, his aggressive attacks will never stop!

Jumping Knee: This is a Power S dribble which can increase his offense value, and depending on the effect, can also increase his shot power.


Dragon Shot: This is a surefire shot with dragon aura. Its power is equal to Tiger Shot!!



Mark Owairan: The libero who is good at both offense and defense.

He’s an above average player with a high skill level. Although he is a DF, he also has good offensive ability.

Sandstorm Shot: It is a long ranged shot with only a moderate drop in power, so you can use it from distance.


Mirage Chapeau: This is an astonishing dribble move that feints a loss of footing. His offensive value and technique values will increase massively when the skill succeeds!



Release Date:

A new Captain Tsubasa game is here, 10 years after the release of the previous console game!Captain Tsubasa is a manga masterpiece, globally beloved even now in 2020. The new console game will be released as an arcade football game.