New character and ability-boosting Grimoire Cards revealed for Black Clover: Quartet Knights

11 July 2018

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe today reveals a new playable character to upcoming title Black Clover: Quartet Knights, Klaus, as well as the powerful new Grimoire Cards.


Klaus is a member of the Golden Dawn, the strongest of the nine squads of the order of the Magic Knights. He takes on the Support role. As a battle strategist, he can control the battlefield by dividing the fighting-line to his liking. His attacks have a dual purpose, and both inflict damage and confine enemy’s movements. This character will best be used as a support for a powerful Ranged magician.


The Grimoire Cards will allow players to maximise the effectiveness of their character’s abilities. Every Magic Knight has access to one of three unique Decks - each suiting different play-styles - granting them passive enhancements and ability improvements. From this deck, players can further personalise their character by choosing four Grimoire Cards to give them access to additional abilities.

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BLACK CLOVER: QUARTET KNIGHTS is the first video game adaptation of the hit BLACK CLOVER franchise