Charlotte now playable in BLACK CLOVER: QUARTET KNIGHTS

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe is pleased to announce that the Fighter-Support class character, Charlotte, is now available as a paid-DLC in BLACK CLOVER: QUARTER KNIGHTS.


Charlotte will be available to play across all modes and comes with her own Challenge Scenario. Also included as part of the DLC is a new costume for Yami, the Japanese Traditional Costume.


Charlotte is a Fighter-Support class, capable of Defense, Attack and Support. Her main attack, the Limb-Splitting Briar Spear, fires multiple attacks at distant enemies, while her Strangling Iron Briar Whip move extends and spreads to constrict up to three enemies within Soft-Lock range.


She can control the battlefield further using her Link Magic: Grinding Rose Stake, creating roots that automatically attack up to three enemies at once. The roots also prevent enemies from straying a certain distance from Charlotte, keeping the enemies within attack range.


Her ultimate move, Ultimate Magic: Briar Warrior Castle, creates a high-powered limb-splitting Briar Sword – capable of knocking down all enemies it hits and inflicting heavy damage.



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BLACK CLOVER: QUARTET KNIGHTS is the first video game adaptation of the hit BLACK CLOVER franchise